Forward Giving. Inc., a public charity, proudly supports LIFETrusts - a ”Lifetime Income For Everyone Trust”.

A LIFETrust is a specially designed pooled income fund.   A pooled income fund is an Internal Revenue Code sanctioned trust (Code Section 642(c)(5)) that provides lifetime income to the donor (and/or individuals the donor selects) with the remainder passing at death to the public charities that the donor designates.  

Traditional pooled income funds provide the following benefits:
  • An immediate charitable contribution tax deduction
  • No taxes on donated appreciated property (so that there is more to invest)
  • Lifetime income for the selected income beneficiaries
  • Societal benefits though the gift of the charitable remainder
  • No ongoing administration filings or costs
The LIFETrust version of a pooled income fund enhances these benefits as follows:
  • Significantly larger charitable contribution tax deduction
  • Significantly higher annual lifetime income objective
  • Better tax treatment of the annual income, increasing the after-tax benefit
  • Much more flexibility in selecting income beneficiaries.  Name any individual you want.
  • More flexibility in selecting which public charity(ies) receives the remainder benefit, including a donor advised fund 
  • More flexibility regarding contributed assets

Let us show you how a LIFETrust can benefit you and the people you care about. 

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